Our work largely depends on donations. The vast majority of any money received goes directly towards paying for local teachers, materials and other school running costs. Our next goal is to build another classroom.

How do we use donations?

A little goes a long way! Take a look below for how we can utilise funding.

£10 – five books

£20 – educational toys

£50 – supplies for all of our children for 3 months, including paper, pens and books.

£100 – two teachers wages for one month or the building of a fence around the school

£250 – one months teachers wages or the fixing of our bamboo walls

£500 – two months teachers wages or an outdoor play area

Current activities we need funding for (June 2017)

New Printer/scanner (£70)

Roof for our parents waiting area (£50)

Christmas Event for parents and children (£30)

Sponsor a Child

£10 a month will pay towards the education of one of our children. Rather than sponsoring a child who is already doing well, we spend the money on extra tuition. That way, if you can only afford to give a one off donation, then we can at least provide some extra lessons to help them (rather than stopping any ongoing sponsorship at any point).

For example, a one off £50 would provide extra tutition to a child for half the year!

CTEC actually provides free spaces to children of families who cannot afford the £1 a month. So all donations towards the school are spread out over many children.

If however, you wanted to specifically sponsor one child over a long period, we can set this up and choose the right child. In return, you would recieve regular updates and photos, as well as arranging skype calls so you can meet them and their family face to face.